The holiday season is here again and while you likely have some special requests on your wish list – a couple of extra pounds is likely not one of them.  On average, Canadian’s tend to gain 1-2 pounds during the holidays which can compound over time.   Here are a few tips for being festive and fending off weight gain.

Don’t Go To The Party Hungry

With all the things on your to do list you may be tempted to skip meals through the day knowing your host will be putting on a spread.  Being over-hungry leads to overeating.  Include light meals with fibre rich vegetables, fruit or gains and protein.  Plan a snack to munch while you are primping for the party – a mug of seasonal soup is great for sipping.


Savor The Flavour

Sometimes we over indulge because we are distracted or rushing through our meal.  Take time to slow down, chew savour and enjoy the company of those around you.  Eating a ‘treat’ fast doesn’t make it have any fewer calories and robs you of the pleasure of that treat.  Slow down and enjoy if you are going to indulge.  You’ll be more likely to be satisfied with a smaller amount if you savour the flavour.


Green And Red Aren’t Just For The Decor

Fill your plate with lots of colourful veggies.  Research shows that including a salad or vegetable soup before your meal (or having about half your plate as veggies) helps manage appetite and reduce calories consumed.


Make It Count

Some of our favorite foods only come out at the holidays.  These are often very rich so choose wisely.  Do you have to have one of everything from the dessert buffet? Or can you be satisfied with indulging in just your most favorite?  Identify the items that would get a 9 or 10 out of 10 in your books and have them in moderation.


Mix And Mingle

Enjoy all the elements of the party including the company of others.  It doesn’t have to be all about the food.  Reconnect with family and friends.  Or make new friends if this in a new crowd for you.  Offer to help the host or hostess with the many activities of keeping a party running smoothly.


Better Still…

Plan some of your holiday get together’s as an active outing rather than a festive meal.

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