In January, it’s natural to feel bombarded by plans for makeovers, organization and diets. You name the media form: magazines, Web, or TV.  Everywhere you turn, there’s advice on how to do it ‘right’.  A quick search of Google returns 385 million results for the search term ‘best diet’.  How do you find the right plan for you in this storm of nutrition information?  For starters, you can separate the ‘not worth the time’ from the ‘good, better, best’ by considering the following:


All or Nothing

If a diet eliminates whole food groups or is based on a very restrictive list of ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ foods, it’s likely not a sustainable plan and could lead to missing key nutrients.


Specific Food Combinations

There is no evidence that specific food combinations or specific foods at specific times of the day lead to greater weight loss or increased metabolism.


20 Pounds in a Week

Rapid weight loss often represents the loss of body water and lean body mass, both of which are important elements of strong, healthy bodies.

If a diet promises any of the above, it’s probably not worth your time or effort.  In fact, the best eating plans are based on a variety of foods in their most basic form. Vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and lean protein sources are the foundation of good nutrition.  Two of the top rated eating plans are the DASH Diet and the Mediterranean Diet.  Both are based on eating a variety of real food and focus on improving health through a balance of key nutrients.  Never heard of these eating plans?  A LEAF registered dietitian can help you learn more about these and other excellent eating plans.  Together, we can find the right one for you.

One last point…

You have to stick to your eating plan for it to work.  A LEAF registered dietitian can help you learn to adopt an eating plan that fits your lifestyle.  Your best eating plan is as unique as you are.  Ready to cut through the diet hype?  A consultation with a LEAF registered dietitian is the best place to start!  Call us at 613-701-1222 or email us at to schedule an appointment with one or our dietitians today.

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