Less calories, lower salt, more veggies and fruit, avoid trans fat – with all the eating recommendations out there how do you figure it all out? It’s tough but not impossible. Talk to the experts and they all say to take small steps, make one change at a time. But what if you want a fresh start now? What if you really don’t know where to begin and just want some great examples of healthy meals and snacks to try now? Maybe you’re tired of the same old routine in your kitchen and want some fresh ideas. Or maybe you want to know how to fit in some indulgences without getting too far off track. You could go online and sort through hundreds of recipe sites but who has the time? And still you’re back to questioning – is this a good choice?

Let us help take the guesswork out of this so you can get on with eating nutritious, tasty meals and snacks tailored to your needs and preferences. Our dietitian can create a custom 7-day meal plan for you that comes complete with nutrition facts, recipes, and grocery lists tailored to your energy and nutrient needs. Build your healthy meal repertoire with a LEAF dietitian approved 7-day custom meal plan.

Schedule an appointment with a LEAF dietitian today by calling us at 613-701-1222 to book an appointment and your meal plan will soon be on its way to your email inbox. No more wondering ‘what to eat’!

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