Building Unique Diet Strategies™


You are unique. You have your own tastes, preferences, quirks, and challenges. When you enroll in BUDS™, one of our registered dietitians will work with you, using their expert knowledge in food, nutrients, and health conditions, to create unique diet strategies that will help you reach your goals. Working together, you will build on ‘knowing’ and start ‘doing’. BUDS™ will guide you down your own path to success, one bite at a time.

As part of this program, our dietitian can help you make sense of nutrition evidence related to:

  • weight management;
  • bariatric surgery;
  • pre-diabetes & diabetes;
  • heart health;
  • digestive health; and
  • general healthy eating for men and women.


The onsite version of this program consists of individual appointments with one of our registered dietitians onsite at our clinic:

  • The initial consult lasts approximately 60 minutes
  • Follow-up visits are about 30 minutes

While a minimum of one follow-up visit is recommended, you can meet with our registered dietitian as often (or as little) as you deem necessary to achieve your weight and/or nutritional goals.


If you leave the program and wish to reenter after more than 6 months, then you must schedule and pay for another consult. This ensures that our registered dietitians have sufficient time to reacquaint themselves with you and:

  • are able to give you advice and direction that best meets your current situation; and
  • helps you to be successful in your weight journey.


This program is open to the general public. You do not need a referral nor do you need to meet with one of our physicians before enolling.

Call us today at 613-701-1222 to enroll.


Consult: $120

Follow-up: $60

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