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Less calories, lower salt, more veggies and fruit, avoid trans fat – with all the eating recommendations out there, how do you figure it all out? It’s tough but not impossible. Experts recommend small steps, making one change at a time. But what if you want a fresh start? What if you really don’t know where to begin and just want to enjoy healthy meals and snacks now? Maybe you’re tired of the same old routine in your kitchen and want some fresh ideas. Or maybe you want to know how to fit in some indulgences without getting too far off track. You could go online and sort through hundreds of recipe sites but who has the time? Our meal planning software makes it a breeze.


Regular contact with one of our registered dietitians for 24 weeks:

  • three appointments with a registered dietitian;
  • access to our online meal planning platform; and
  • up to five 5-minute check-ins (phone or web chats).

In addition to providing you with a delicious and nutritious customized meal plan based on a nutrition prescription from a registered dietitian, our meal planning platform allows you to download a shopping list (taking into account what you already have in your pantry) and cooking instructions to prepare the meals and snacks in your plan. The shopping list and cooking instructions can even account for additional family members if you’re cooking for more than just you.

Intensive Option

Some patients want more frequent contact with a registered dietitian as they pursue their weight and nutrition goals. That’s why we offer SEED Intensive, which gives you access to our awesome meal planning software and:

  • five appointments with a registered dietitian (instead of three); and
  • nine 15-minute coaching calls (instead of five 5-minute check-ins).



This program is open to all of our patients and the general public. You do not need a referral nor do you need to meet with one of our physicians before enolling.

  Call us today at 613-701-1222 to enroll.


$390 for SEED™ or $730 for SEED Intensive™

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