Are you having a hard time finding the right gift for the healthy cook on your list?  What about for those working to get more active?  Consider these great gadgets to support their efforts to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Digital Kitchen Scale

Take the guesswork out of portion control with a digital kitchen scale.  Great for measuring ingredients for recipes or ensuring you have the right potions on your plate. Using a journaling app?  Make it more accurate by measuring your portions.


Portion Management Dish and Stemware

Not fond of measuring with a kitchen scale try portion guided plates and glasses.  Plates will be 8”-9” in diameter and have pre-measured sections to guide the portioning of vegetables, starch or grains and protein elements of the meal.  Stemware will often be marked with decorative notations to indicate particular volumes.  Check out the Portion Control Plate at or for examples


Rice Cooker

great for more than just rice.  Use these handy devices for steaming fresh vegetables.  Programmable versions ensure your veggies are ready in time for supper.


Slow Cooker

Fix it and forget it!  There’s nothing better than coming home to a yummy home-cooked meal.  Save time by filling the crock pot ahead of time and plugging it in before you leave in the morning.  Endless healthy meal possibilities ready to get you through a busy week.


Gravy separator

This measuring cup strains pan drippings from solids and then allows fat and non-fat drippings to separate. The spout draws non-fat drippings first when pouring.  Stop pouring just when the fat layer is about to pour from the spout.  Make great tasting gravy with fewer calories.


Fitness Trackers

These wearable tracking devices can give you the motivation to get those extra steps in the day or help track progress toward your goals.  Many have software available for mobile devices to let you manage your data and access your records.

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